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Super Mario Bros Chain Chomp Earrings

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Material: Polymer Clay

Handmade Earrings.

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These beautiful Super Marios Bros chain chomp earrings are made of polymer clay, handmade taking care of every detail for you. From simple materials to the end of the process, we care that is made from the best materials and are really comfortable.

Material: Polymer Clay

Handmade Earrings.

Includes: 1 Pair of Super Mario Bros Earrings Chain Chomp Ball Piranha Plant Nintendo Pipe Yoshi Handmade Polymer Clay 3D Art Jewelry Cosplay Christmas Gift

We ship Worldwide.

Unlike most polymer clay earrings, you can wash this with only water. We know that some people are more sensitive to some materials than others, so we try to provide each item with 2 options for you.

We hope you enjoy these earrings, everyone will turn to look at you!

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Color Black
Material Polymer Clay
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